Often we are caught up in the endless loop of misery, which has no actual meaning at all. May be based on the thoughtless action of another person, or it can be an incident that shook you.

The solution is there right in front of you or you may know it already.

Still, we love to whine and complain about it. Even though we know somethings are not in our control.

How to go about in life where we have mixed experiences.
Is it necessary to be happy all the time?

Happiness and sadness are nothing but emotions.
When you are sad or happy be aware of that feeling, how it feels in your body, why you are doing so?
Observe in a non-judgmental way. As you do this continuously, you will find that truth about the silliness of our own emotions and reactions.
As you start living every moment being aware, you understand that these fleeting emotions are just silly games played by the mind.

You are free.

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