Pondicherry A French-Tamil Love Story

I had no clue back then memories of my one day spent in Pondicherry would be a prized possession by now.
Pondicherry is a charming small town, which is located in Tamil Nadu, India. As the City is barely 20km² radius you can rent a bike and see the city.
Pondicherry was a French Colonial Settlement in India till 1954. Of course, the city has that French vibe now also although it has blended beautifully with the Tamil Culture. Some parts of the city give a full-blown french Vibes also.

There are many hostels available in this area as it is a major tourist spot. They are mostly cheap and safe, especially for solo Women Travellers. In one day you can cover most of the places if that is your intention. We have covered Auroville ,Promenade Beach, Sri Aurobindo Ashram, and French Colony in one day with the help of public transportation.

Auroville was the most incredible gift of that Trip. I am still amazed by the fact it is a universal town, which is a place where you can live in peace above all politics and Nationalities. A place that gives more importance to Human Unity than anything else. Isn’t it amazing!.Currently there are nearly 2000 people from 40 Countries residing in Auroville.

Spirit of Auroville

You can book ahead and plan your stay in Auroville https://www.auroville.org/contents/2830 ,as our visit was one day we couldn’t.

Only a portion of the Auroville is open to visitors,the stories related to the development of this area are amazing.People in Auroville a lives a life close to nature.We spent lot of time in a cafe within Auroville,just to get the feel of how it will be to stay there. 

Best way to plan any trip is by checking with the Local People in the area.There is a risk associated with this,but the fun of spontaneity and adventure can make up the loss if any.

Happy Journey!

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