Why break-up is your breakthrough: Five healthy perspectives on break-ups.

It is time to change how we look at break-ups, or in a broadway any challenging life events. Break-ups are difficult, there is no doubt about that. But the way break-ups are portrayed in our society is not uplifting. Break-ups are one of the best opportunities in a way that forces us to look at … More Why break-up is your breakthrough: Five healthy perspectives on break-ups.


β€œAn unexamined life is not worth living.” Socrates The mind is a very tricky thing, its constant buzzing is often full of faults of the people around, circumstances, and places.We get often caught up in these dramas go on without seeing it through the rut. It is very difficult for a person to identify his/her … More Self-Reflection


Often we are caught up in the endless loop of misery, which has no actual meaning at all. May be based on the thoughtless action of another person, or it can be an incident that shook you. The solution is there right in front of you or you may know it already. Still, we love … More Awareness

What do you want?

Go within and seek the answer. You deserve a great life. Identify what is great according to you.Only when you know what you want, you can strive towards that. Have the courage to go beyond all the social conditioning and beliefs that you have picked up in this journey. Look within. The inward journeys are … More What do you want?

Be Like a Tree

Be like a Tree. Always grounded Deeply rooted in nature. Going with the seasons. Always trying to be her best. In her fullness she serves everyone around her,without any effort without any force. Be like a Tree. Bloom into the fullness who you are. Love, Darsu.