Manifestation and a loose grip- 8 simple ideas to manifest your dreams.

Manifestation is creating with ease and purpose. It is the careful steering of the mind, yet the effortless effort. We are manifesting our reality even if we acknowledge it or not. The thoughts we think and the actions we take are shaping our reality. When you delve into the art of manifestation you will understand…

Gudibande- For a blissful getaway from busy Bangalore life.

If you are not drawn to the busy pubs and shopping malls and want to get away to another dimension altogether then Gudibande is the perfect spot. Gudibande is a city in the Chikaballapura district 90km away from Bangalore. Gudibande fort was built by yogi and the chieftain Byre Gowda in 17th Centaury. It was…

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