Why Self-Worth is so important

How do you feel about yourself?

Unlovable? Failure? or lovable and worthy?

If you are any were near the first category, don’t worry the majority of the people think the same about them.
It is because of the hard-core programming we all have received as we were growing up. We had to earn love and affection by becoming a certain way or achieving certain things. The First 7 Years of a child is the downloading period of beliefs from those who are around us. What happens if the beliefs downloaded are of negative influence? It affects whole psychology and the quality of our physical and mental health.
It is time to change that belief about yourself and why?

Because you are worthy and you are lovable. Not because anybody said it is so not because you have followers on the social media platforms. Simply because you are.

You can know it for yourself by observing how your body functions in a happy state and a disturbing situation.
As you build a positive outlook about yourself, your body chemistry upgrades and in turn the quality of your life also. When we think we are worthy and valuable our choices changes, our actions changes and our life also. Many people are living a life they don’t like and putting up with circumstances they cant tolerate ,thinking they aren’t worthy of something better. I urge you to try changing your limiting beliefs and see how your life changes. The research done by Dr.Bruce Lipton an American biologist has proven the importance of self-love and self-worth. Many supporting researches are also coming up.

How can you do this?

Using the most powerful tool you have. Power of choice. Reflect on your life events. Where are you putting all the energy to fit in? What are the underlying emotions that drives this action? Is it coming from a place of fear and unworthiness? Understanding your current beliefs is an important step in developing Self-Worth.

“Put the victim to bed and wake up the Hero instead” Wesley Chapman

Act like a hero of your own story. Use self-narrative to create the story you want to live and repeat it until it is yours. Affirmations are also a great way to change the negative programming. Know that you have the ability to change your life in a way that pleases you when you decide that you want to change.

Watch the below given TED Talk by Wesley Chapman on to know more on building self-Worth.

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