Simple ways towards a Meaningful Existence.

Life is meaningful when we make it so. It is all ours to decide how we wish to go about it. Life is an opportunity bestowed on us with all the resources required to mold it in the best possible ways. The auto-pilot mode is the dangerous one, where you are going with the flow, but as if in sleep, not aware of what is happening and how.

That business you always wanted to start or that extra pound you always wanted to lose or that book you always wanted to read, the list of things you wanted to do is endless. These small wishes when executed with total commitment and when we start seeing the results, suddenly we as human being changes fully. We become more confident, we get that momentum of creating. These moments of accomplishment bring us joy and satisfaction and motivation to do more.

How to achieve it all?

Just one thing. Start.

When I took up exercising as a habit, I couldn’t even keep up the consistency. I dint stop doing irrespective of the all the odds,2 years from that start, now I exercise regularly and eat healthily, it is now part of my daily routine just as we brush. I certainly have benefited greatly from this life change, physically and mentally.

The lesson learned from this experience?

Start..and go on.

No fussing no pushing. Of course, there will be days you don’t feel like doing it…Take rest if you want to. But only to come back stronger.

These are the few points that I found useful in my journey, which will help you also to create a more meaningful life.

1.Identifying what matters and what doesn’t.

To create a meaningful living, we need to know why we are doing, what we are doing. Identify 3 key areas that are very important to you at present. For Example Career, Relationships, and Health. And see what are the changes you wanted to see in these areas. In my career, I wanted to make visible changes, such as delivering quality services in short periods. So the first step is to list down all the skillsets that are necessary to bring forth this change and apply it.

2.Just Start.

“The cost of being wrong is less than the cost of doing nothing.” Seth Godin

The trick is to do anyway. You may never feel like doing exercise or learning that new software. That is the very nature of the human brain. It seeks comfort and stability all the time. If you want to get that promotion, start upgrading your-skills and work style today itself then start in an easily executable way… Start small and commit to it. Once this change starts giving positive results you will already be in a different upgraded mode.

3.Importance of commitment and Self-Discipline

Self-Discipline is the key to mastery, there is no way around it. If you identified the key habits to help you to see the changes, the next thing is committing yourself to it. If the version of me that I wanted to become is a successful Engineer who knows exactly what the client needs, then right now I imagine myself as that woman. What she will be doing? How her days will look like. So with the available resources and skills, I embody that self today itself. I act and do that way. This habit enables us not to worry about the future and focus on the details of today because I am that successful engineer already. I am learning skills from that point of calmness.

4 The Journey

Here comes the final step, sticking with it till you have achieved your goal. Once you start seeing the positive changes, it will motivate you to do more and more.

Just keep at it. Without quitting.

As you take baby steps and bring attention to your goal, you start seeing the connecting dots. Just like the Route Puzzle, we used to play when we are kids. As you start looking to see the path, you start seeing a simple and clear path.

This journey is also not different, when we go for our goals as we crack these small puzzles to get the final treasure we are becoming that new version of us.

Stop waiting for the day to be that better you, choose that self today. And think of how different will be your habits, how will your day look like?

Do it that higher Self of you today.

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