Healing power of Nature

If you are going through a really difficult period and struggling to get back on your feet, I have a magical remedy for you to instantly feel better. Nature.

Maybe it is because we all are part of it.

Logically if we need to solve a problem we need to take suitable action. For taking that suitable action our mind should be at peace or at least in a less panicked or in a less broken situation. Nature has strong healing power and in its presence, we feel better.

It was this just one tree, which stood near my hostel has helped me tremendously to stay clear-minded. I used to stand simply looking at that tree when my mind gets too cloudy. I know it may sound a little weird :D.

If you have a good park or forest near your area, visit them. Take walks in nature. Nurture a plant if it is possible.

Also when we change our body posture from stooping to a straight one and take a few deep breaths instantly we can feel energized. Taking a walk outside can help us greatly to get out of our minds. If you are in such a position that you cant take walks, just move your eyes laterally. It may sound funny, but it has been proven scientifically that as we take these lateral eye movements it quietens the stress trigger centers in the amygdala. As these lateral eye movements create an effect of forwarding movement, our brain sees this as we are moving towards adversity and causes dopamine( a neurotransmitter involved in reward, motivation, etc in the brain) release as a reward mechanism. Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy is structured around this concept.

A huge thanks to Dr. Andrew Huberman who is actively involved in spreading these science-based methods to deal with stress and trauma.

An interview with Dr.Andrew Huberman from Tom Bilyeu’s YouTube channel:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OGa_jt3IncY

One thought on “Healing power of Nature

  1. Great Advice Friend!

    The Power within nature is what Jesus was referring to as Father, which the church translated into God.
    They have misinterpreted a lot of the Bible to fit their own belief system, even though Jesus didn’t have anything to do with religion.

    Anyways, Nature is far more complex than we had ever imagined and it has a use for everything!
    The following paper I wrote recently will completely amaze you I think and I have more like it on the way!

    So, enjoy this because nature has the most advanced recycling system in our galaxy!


    Have a Great Day!


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