The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks

Is it possible to have it all? A happy fulfilling marriage, a thriving career, a deep spiritual connection to the whole, and a good relationship as a social being. So far the stories tell us it is not possible. Gay is here to teach us a different facet of our success that it is possible to live a fulfilling life and thrive.

When things start to fall in place, the voice in our head starts worrying until we manage to manifest some events that make sure that we are fallen back to where we have started. So most of us when something good happens start worrying about what-if scenarios without even enjoying the success we have created. Here the author observes this issue, he calls it “Upper Limiting”, commonly inhibited by most of us yet not understood for what it is. It is our subconscious reaction to success by disrupting it in some way to affirm the belief that I am not good enough.

Books illuminate the aspects of us that we don’t even know existed before. The Big Leap is one such book that helps us to overcome one of the major hurdles in our Journey, which is the deep sense of not being good enough.
This book observes this key concept, how we are blocking our abundance. That is exactly what I was seeking at this phase in my life. How to receive gracefully so that we can allow the universe to open its channels of abundance for us.

This book is jam-packed with nuggets of wisdom. Thanks to Gay’s commitment towards problem-solving and the desire to live life fully. This book can be a guide to invoke your most authentic self.

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