The Sacred Space.

At least some of us would have experienced the deep longing for something we haven’t known. Unable to name it, that feeling just directs us here and there. We keep knocking on the doors without even knowing what we are looking for. This journey may be molded by what society defines as answers and at times we may think it is for the perfect relationship or the perfect job and whatnot.

Connecting with ourselves is a way to figure out the deep aspects within. The magical part is, as we understand more clearly who we are and where we are heading, the outside world also reflects this clarity in us.

In India, most Hindu houses have a sacred space for worship. Creating a sacred space for you will require more than the requirement of space. It is a space that reflects who we are and what brings the best within us, above all connects us to the source or the unmanifested.

How do you feel about creating a sacred space for yourself.? Where it will be? What elements will bring the sacred side of you and make you feel connected to the source?

This simple process is fun and helps us connect to the soul.

If you don’t resonate with the concept of the source or anything beyond the senses then consider it as something like a space to recharge your energy level by unplugging from the outer world.

Photo by Chris Ensey on Unsplash

When we are connecting with ourselves, we are connecting to the whole existence. Our minds have succeeded in running the show most of the time, yet unplugging from everything and intentionally tuning into yourself not for anything , but just to appreciate and be.

Take a look at the below-attached video that explores the magician archetype, a genuine effort is made to establish the beauty of a sacred space.

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