Finding Myself again -Kanchipuram,India

Kanchipuram, that place reminds me of the beautifully woven silk sarees.

It is a small ancient city in Tamil Nadu India.

The Sense of purpose for each travel varies from person to person,for me it is the people,it is the culture that attracts.To know them ,to talk to them or may be if I am lucky enough spend some time with them.The feeling of living their life as one among them gives me some kind of happiness.

I was dying to see one of the oldest Temples in India Kailasanathar Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva.

As usual, it all happened in the blink of an eye.
One day Trip to Kanchipuram from Bangalore.

I love old city roads and the warm old fashioned people.Tamil language brings out a certain sensation which I don’t know how to explain.It is full of love.Even the strangers address you “Amma”,which is for me a highest form of respect you can give a women.Amma means mother.That’s a common way of addressing women in Tamil.Isn’t it amazing!

Maybe I am a very old Soul. I had been there as someone in one of my lives,wearing the jasmine flowers in my hair ,I might have had walked many times in those streets.These places have mysterious Calmness. I could feel the energy soothing all my nerves as if the rhythm of my body is so in tune with the environment.

You can see pretty much every Temple by walk itself. Just be prepared to tackle the scorching Sun.

Autos are super Cheap, for 200RS they will take you to all the Temples.
With a camera in hand,we were walking pretty much everywhere.

Late that evening we went to a temple which was not there in our list of Temple. It had the most amazing pond full of big fishes. The dim streetlight, the scent of the incense… I felt wonderful and so connected to every bit of that small city.

I love Tamil Nadu Dosa Sambar and their traditional way of making it. You can find small shops with good quality south Indian foods. Must taste Rose milk and Jigarthanda.

You can also buy beautifully woven Silk Sarees also from here.This city is now known for these famous Kanchipuram Sarees.

If you are a person who feels drawn to places with a story and feel, this is a good choice. Nothing extraordinary yet mysteriously beautiful.

As you walk, you can feel the air is rich with many stories..waiting to be expressed or understood.

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