Miracle Mornings

Every day is a new chance to rebuild our life.

A new chance to create our dream life.No matter how your yesterday was, today is a new day.

Mornings as the beginning of a wonderful day helps to build the rhythm of the day.

I often feel bad to see people, jumping out of bed and rushing or maybe just scrolling through the feeds of social media as they wake up in the morning. There is nothing wrong with that. It is just that they are missing out on the best part of a day.

The feel of a morning is exhilarating. The chirping of birds, silence, and the fresh air everything. Perfect time to contemplate the things in your life. Or merely spend some quiet time giving a break from the rat race for the mind. Not worrying about anything

Mornings help us nourish our inner selves. There are many ways to do that. Find comfortable timing for you. Need not be 5 in the morning.A comfortable time.Set an intention for the day.

Slowly build a routine that suits you. You can feel it, when your inner self is content opening up slowly.

The Miracle Morning by Hal Elford has helped me to streamline my morning times.

It is all about starting your day from a point of peace and freedom.

Freedom from all the chatters of daily life.

Whatever be the time your day starts, try to give at least 30 minutes just for yourself. Keep away the phone. Feel the rhythm of Nature. Know how much you are also one with that love surrounds you. You are. More than you know. Take time to feel it appreciate it.

You will feel more aligned if you also start your day in sync with nature’s time, but don’t push hard for anything. Just start from a comfortable time and slowly modify it.

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