Unravelling “you”

Our perceptions are the key factor in shaping our reality. We are fed from childhood itself, stories about success or What is good, bad, etc. These stories either turn into walls that we create around our psyche which blocks our view or help us in expanding into full potential. “Odd as it may seem, I … More Unravelling “you”

Why break-up is your breakthrough: Five healthy perspectives on break-ups.

It is time to change how we look at break-ups, or in a broadway any challenging life events. Break-ups are difficult, there is no doubt about that. But the way break-ups are portrayed in our society is not uplifting. Break-ups are one of the best opportunities in a way that forces us to look at … More Why break-up is your breakthrough: Five healthy perspectives on break-ups.

Letting go-A message for 2021.

2020 has been a year of hardship and looming uncertainty. Something like we have never experienced before. It has humbled us in certain ways. Nature keeps reminding us of the fragility and the uncertainty of life. We all crave certainty, security but often we forget that nothing in life is certain or permanent. The only … More Letting go-A message for 2021.

The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod

This book changed my life and guided me in developing a whole new identity and encouraged to dream big and work towards it. This book is a true gift and has the power to pull you back out of any setbacks in your life. Literally any setbacks. Hal Elrod had his first break through after … More The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod

Healing power of Nature

If you are going through a really difficult period and struggling to get back on your feet, I have a magical remedy for you to instantly feel better. Nature. Maybe it is because we all are part of it. Logically if we need to solve a problem we need to take suitable action. For taking that … More Healing power of Nature

Why Self-Worth is so important

How do you feel about yourself? Unlovable? Failure? or lovable and worthy? If you are any were near the first category, don’t worry the majority of the people think the same about them.It is because of the hard-core programming we all have received as we were growing up. We had to earn love and affection … More Why Self-Worth is so important


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