Manifestation and a loose grip- 8 simple ideas to manifest your dreams.

Manifestation is creating with ease and purpose. It is the careful steering of the mind, yet the effortless effort. We are manifesting our reality even if we acknowledge it or not. The thoughts we think and the actions we take are shaping our reality.

When you delve into the art of manifestation you will understand the value of self-development and the importance of personal mastery. Because the reality is the total of all that you have attracted and manifested through your thoughts and actions. In other words, we can only change our lives by changing ourselves.

“An educated man is not, necessarily, one who has an abundance of general or specialized knowledge. An educated man is one who has so developed the faculties of his mind that he may acquire anything he wants, or its equivalent, without violating the rights of others.”
― Napolean Hill, Think and Grow Rich

The mastery of the mind is the key to manifestation. There are many ways to master your mind. Learning to control the body is an easy way to master the mind. Exercise is a good way of controlling the body and has a million benefits, including building a healthy mind. Meditation is another practice that helps to achieve a calm mind. Mastery of the mind will allow us to remain calm even under the most stressful situations. When we have the upper hand over our minds it is easy for us to detach from our desires and that ability is crucial to be a better manifestor. You are aware of your desires yet detached from them, that is power.
I have manifested many wonderful things, events, and circumstances. But the one lesson I have learned is that it is not the thing that manifested mattered the most; but the state of mind. Because we are all on a journey to the next desire as soon as the one desire gets manifested. That is how the mind works. It moves from one thing to another. This one point alone is the basis of becoming better at manifestation, you don’t need to be so attached to that house or job or partner or the amount of money you are trying to manifest. There is no end here; it is a continuous journey. So our aim is, how can I get the most out of this journey without being on an emotional rollercoaster about the whole thing?

Law of attraction, Source and the Vortex

Our thoughts create our reality. The thoughts we think are the basis of our actions so when our thoughts are focused on the negative outcome for a long period our actions will reflect that. According to the law of attraction like attracts like, and our thoughts become a self-fulfilling prophecy. The good news is that we can be purposeful in choosing our thoughts and start shifting our attention to more creative and inspiring ways to design an enjoyable life. Cognitive reframing is the key to law attraction. Rather than seeing things in the most negative light, we find ways to bring hope and happiness to our thoughts through positive thinking.

Abraham Hicks, one of the 20th-century teachers of the law of attraction says we are always through our thoughts and emotions making choices on what we want and do not want. And all our wants, needs, and desires through these choices we make, are immediately answered by the source ( Another term used to refer to the creator). It feels really cool, right?
The vortex is another term used by Abraham Hicks states that it is the sum total of all the wonderful things you have asked for, and it can be accessed only when our overall vibrational state matches with that high vibration of the vortex.
And how one can access this vortex? By simply allowing things to unfold. When we detach ourselves from the outcomes, the flow of good becomes smoother and will start reflecting in our reality.

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Creative visualization combined with the Cognitive reframing aka navigating to the positive thoughts helps us to manifest the reality in the best possible way. According to the teachings of Abraham, our emotions act as GPS to show if we are in alignment with the source or not. If our state of mind is lighter joyful and calm then we are in alignment with the Source. The emotional discord we feel when we are sad or stressed out is an indicator of the source within us is not alignment with those thoughts. Even under the most negative emotions, it is not possible to be separate from the Source because we are the Source.

Dream do come true
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“the combination of being more deliberate about what you want, more clear about what you intend, and more sensitive to the way you feel is, in essence, what the Deliberate Creative Process is all about.”
― Esther Hicks, The Law of Attraction: The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham

8 simple ideas on manifestation

  1. Practicing letting go. Exercising your mind-muscle to detach. Practice letting goes through simple things. Not because you want a specific outcome but simply because you have a powerful mind and you can let go. You are free.
  2.  As they say, the feeling is the secret. Finding creative ways to feel the sense of wish full-filled Eg; Creative visualization, journaling, Vision Board, affirmations, subliminal, tapping, etc.
  3.  Practice various relaxation techniques to activate the powers of the mind. This would enable creative imagination and inspiration to be dominant in our thoughts than worry and fear.
  4.  Trusting oneself; thus the greater universe.
  5.  Take inspired action and be proactive on matters that spark your creativity and passion.
  6.  Emotional check-ins to understand where you are mental with the things you desire. For Example, if you are feeling low, acknowledge the emotion and have a go-to activity to make you feel better. This helps you stay high vibrational.
  7.  Understanding valuing oneself and leading a life that is meaningful to you or directing efforts in developing a meaningful life for you.
  8.  Practice Savoring – Not just the food but the moments as they slide through our hands, take time to appreciate and acknowledge the things you are grateful for and enjoy. 

It is easy for us to fall into the swirl of desires and lose ourselves in them. Desires are good, yet when you can detach from them when you want to is a true power. The impact of new age manifestation is not just making more optimistic, creative, and kind human beings but the teaching us the essence of freedom. It encourages out loud for us to find the truth of who we are and be free.

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