Healing insecurities and Owning your flaws

Healing insecurities starts with awareness. To reach the point where we are aware and acknowledge the insecurity is a real leap towards healing. We all have insecurities that are so human to understand our limitations and imperfections. When these insecurities start holding us back from living the best life, it has to turn into a major roadblock and needs our immediate attention. Thus healing insecurities is a very crucial step in our journey to self-actualization.

Simply starting the journey of healing the insecurities that allowed me to create my place in this crowded world. For a long time, I had carried a sense of unworthiness that spoke to me in silence that I don’t deserve the good things life has to offer. I accepted this as the truth and it is reflected in every aspect of my life. Because often our insecurities influence our thoughts and actions; leading us to people and circumstances that reflect who we are deep down. That means your insecurities will take you to places and people that confirm the belief. To experience the contrast of this state, that is to be surrounded by people who uplift inspire, etc. happens naturally when the insecurities are healed and you feel whole, confident, and really good in yourself. This positive uplift in your physical surrounding is a confirmation of inner healing. This was just a theory until I experienced it in my life.


A bit of my story, I was very insecure and scared even to take up my space in this world. In my early teens, I used to spend hours wallowing in self-pity thinking that this complaining attitude of mine is going to get me somewhere. And it never did. I was given “opportunities” or challenges to finally look at myself and experience the truth.

Me at the end of a healing cycle- somewhere in Kerala

Several Universal laws propel the cycle of creation and destruction to move forward. Even though life may appear random, as many psychologists and world-renowned philosophers have identified much earlier, there is an order to life. We all heard about Karma, how the fruits of our intentions and actions come back to us. Another universal Law that shapes our reality is the Law of Attraction. As the name suggests in this universe, which of the same vibration or frequencies attracts. That means if you are carrying the insecurities and traumas within you, life has no choice but to bring you experience that matches your vibration. This has been framed a bit differently by Carl Jung also.

When an inner situation is not made conscious, it appears outside as fate.

Carl Jung

As long as we carry the heavy emotions with us, Life will slowly take us to a point where we have to look at them and address them. According to Swiss Psychiatrist Carl Jung this process called the individuation process which is the integration of unconscious elements of the psyche. Understanding our insecurities and taking responsibility for our own healing will help the individuation process. Thus the roadblocks in our life have a deeper meaning, that is to help us to be whole or to help in the process of individuation.

Paying attention to our insecurities and peeling the layers to find out its origin will ,most of the time, take us back to childhood. As that is the time our psyche is impressionable and we take the experience so literally. Usage of therapy can be of great help in these situations. There are many different forms of mental health support available at our finger tips. Just by being being vulnerable and breaking the silence out what has been consuming you will allow you to connect with the right support system. For example in my case I healed the sense of unworthiness through meditating on the feeling. It gave me insights about my childhood I had no memory of. I have sought professional help to get clarity on what are the best ways to approach these issues. And of of course books are also a great way to develop an understanding of becoming our best self. When you understand the truth it is like clearing the fog of your vision glass. Suddenly everything is clear.

Nothing lasts, Nothing is finished, Nothing is perfect

Wabi-Sabi, a Japanese philosophy.

The healing of our insecurities allows us to wear our flaws. Our quirks make us unique. And there is beauty to our imperfections. From my perspective, this attitude helps us to live this life fully. You may not be everyone’s cup of tea. That doesn’t mean you have to alter and try to fit in. Striving to get better is empowering but focusing on our flaws and trying to hide them or suppress them just to fit in is what destroys our soul. Healing is an ongoing process. It helps us to be more kind and compassionate to the world. Because in the end, people who caused the trauma are also going through their journey to be whole.

I realizing my own worth has brought me to a different point in healing journey. Yes I am not perfect. But that is okay. I know I am a gem and don’t need anyone to validate that. So are you. When I saw my own worth, I started seeing others also with that level respect and kindness I see myself.

Wear your flaws and enjoy every bit of this journey. Again it is your choice how to respond to life circumstances.

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