Make Time :How to focus on what matters by Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky

Make time by Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky is a masterpiece. It has a simple language and easy steps that anyone can follow through and “make time”. Even though the concepts are mostly what we know, the way authors have put together the details of building an epic life is what makes this book stand out. Anyone can start to build their dream life rather than waiting for the perfect time and have sufficient energy to do so if they can make time effectively.
Our life is built in seconds, not in 5-year or 10-year plans. The authors encourage us to have small daily highlights and teach us how to structure our energy and time around these highlights.
A highlight can be anything like a video that you want to record and publish on Youtube, a book that you wish to read, or a renovation work that you wish to complete at home. By structuring our life around the highlight we are bringing the focus on what matters. Another thing that I find interesting was their analogy of the eating and sleeping habits of a caveman. They reinforce the need to get proper sleep and to have good physical movement for a healthy brain along with a simple diet of unprocessed foods. Our brain is ancient in its wiring. I found this analogy is a perfect reminder in many ways.
The power of habit is that it helps us from the chore of making decisions and using our willpower to bring in those changes. This is exactly what this book helps us to accomplish. An easy and practical way to build a life that is fun and exciting is by making small tweaks in our daily habits. I am sold.
If you like to build a life that you love to be in, I encourage you to buy this book today itself.

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