Give yourself permission to be the best version

Have you ever attended a Yoga class? My favorite part is the Yoga Nidra where we fully let go of the control on the body and mind and just enjoy being through the verbal suggestions of our instructor. The empowering part is how easily our bodies react to these suggestions. Is not it a clue right there? Our thoughts are continuously affecting our mental and physical state.
Many things are holding us back. But it is all just thoughts. The physical reality is interpreted and converted to thought-form by our brain.
I was holding myself back from being the authentic version because I didn’t want to upset anyone by embracing the true power of my soul. Then it dawned on me how it is affecting me to shrink into the smallest possible way, that is not a good way to live.

Straighten yourself up. Get that weird tattoo you always wanted to, wear the clothes that scream the truth of your being, pursue your hobbies that you always felt were not good enough to invest time. Little by little, quench the thirst by giving yourself all that feeling you have been waiting to experience and step into your power. Just as they do in the Yoga Nidra allow yourself to let go and be. Affirm that it is ok to be yourself, you matter, your voice, and your existence matter.

The easiest way to begin this shift is by spending time on the things that truly ring your bell. If it is playing guitar or cooking or studying the plants, allow yourself to do that. Becoming the best version of you happens in small steps just similar to the way you have gone away from who you are. Take those baby steps back home. I write every day. I connect with a different feeling when I do that, maybe that is a hint for me. To go this way. I have no expectations or anything in my mind. I just do it, that is what gives that few drops of elixir for my soul. I am sure there will be something for you too. That transcends time and space. Just being.

I dare you to try doing all those things (that doesn’t hurt or take away another soul’s right to live and experience this life) you have kept aside saying one day. There is no other day than today. Start embracing who you are and begin the journey home.
This applies to all aspects of your life. Maybe that day you have been waiting for to be everything that you dreamt of just a thought away. A thought that gives power and the clarity that the only person holding you back is you and your fears.

Fear and doubt are always going to be there. But they should be in the back seat giving you direction, they don’t get to drive to the destination. Make sure that they are not taking over the driver’s seat.

Take back your power.
Allow yourself to be the version that you want to be.

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