Change your Self-Image to change your life

Photo by Upesh Manoush on Unsplash

What is your self-image? Are you a person who is always late? Or someone who is not treated well by society? Or the hard worker who never gets appreciated? Or the victim of many unfortunate life events? Or the most centered and positive person in the group? Or the one who lifts people’s spirit and finds joy in that?

Does the current self-image align with who you wish to be? If not, let’s give it a try to change it for the better.

There are many stories we tell ourselves and then it becomes a vicious cycle. I used to think of myself as a victim in my social circle and a bad kid when I was with my family. It was funny as the circumstances changes, I was shapeshifting unconsciously.

Since you live in a kind and compassionate Universe, it is hard to keep going with this damaging self-image. The Universe will constantly bring people and circumstances to your life until that cycle is broken and you embrace the truth of who you are.

As a woman, growing up in a heavily patriarchal society in India, there was always this feeling that I wasn’t enough or something is wrong with me. My grandfather didn’t like me because I was a girl and as a kid, his treatment towards me created a solid foundation for the belief to thrive.

This thought pattern has manifested in many forms. I had issues with the way I looked, talked, and walked. I kept attracting people who affirmed my beliefs and I happily stayed in low-quality relationships where none of my needs were met accepting the self-image of a person who isn’t good enough and kept attracting more of this, until my awakening in 2019. By then it was like a safety net of victimhood. It took a lot of experience of pain that manifested in my life through these believes that made me look at my thoughts. These events gave me no choice but to be present with the illusion that was constantly cycled through my brain. It was of a victim who was trapped and who wasn’t worthy of anything good.

When these beliefs started changing it was like a button pressed. Most of the people and circumstances started melting away. I started tapping more into the feminine energy within and that in and itself began a profound healing journey. It was not a one-day event. I was making the conscious choice to be present and to work with the emotions and impressions created by the trauma by channeling the Goddess essence within me.

Now, what are the actions you can take towards becoming your dream self?

I Love You GIF by Loof and Timmy

1. Align your thoughts and actions with that of your dream self -For example, how would your dream self be spending his/her free time? Netflix or doing something creative? How do your social circles be like? what kind of food you will be eating? I urge you to look at every single detail and bring the different possibilities. Write them down. Start embodying those qualities. Start being that person. Start with the smallest changes and work your way towards that. It won’t be tedious as it may sound on the contrary it may become more fulfilling and fun. Because it is already a part of you, you are just allowing that part of you to be the main character.

2. Be present and Follow through -This is not about grinding or hustling. All we have is now. There is nothing other than now. So by follow-through, you just have to be more present. When you are present and centered you know you aren’t the victim but you are the heroine or the hero. Breath life into the present.Just by doing that you will get the opportunity to bring forth your dream self into reality. Only that way you can do it. When I practice being present, I try to see where am I channeling the old self and what is the limiting story I tell myself in that circumstances. As you start refining your actions you expand more and more.

3. Let go and have fun -I do these practices now also and have fun with these activities. The truth is, we are all acting out the characters we don’t even know. So by deciding to be a version that is more aligned with who we are is like finally giving what you deserve to yourself. All along we had everything within us. Now that I am handing it over to myself. Just play around with these and see how these identities that you embody changing your reality. Every aspect of your life will shift to accommodate this new awesome version of you.

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