The Seat of the Soul -Gary Zukav

This book was mentioned multiple times by Oprah Winfrey as a life-changing book in her interviews and books and I was so curious about what does it have to offer. It sure didn’t disappoint me. This book is packed with spiritual wisdom. Oprah’s biggest takeaway from this was of Intention how our intention shapes our experiences. When you start your spiritual journey you realize intention is what shapes your soul’s journey and Oprah has helped me in setting the intention before any actions.

If you have wondered what is a soul and how does it differ from an animal to a human? How we are different in the energetic perspective? , all those questions are answered here. It is written in a simple language with lots of examples that can be comprehended by anyone who can read. He has broken down many aspects of existence as human beings that we don’t have answers for. Throughout the book there is a clear distinction is made between five sensory beings and multi-sensory beings. According to Gary humans who are connected to their soul or humans who in some levels are tuned to the frequency of the Universe, ie love is called multi-sensory beings. And he asserts the point that we are capable as a collective to uplift the vibration of the whole planet itself.

There are a lot of concepts explained in the book that are esoteric in nature. We can relate to all the concepts discussed as we are more than this physical body. One question I ask myself inspired by this book is what do I stand for? Is it for a big- house near the mountain or a successful career or is it for Love and compassion..?

The answer I got from me is different in different circumstances and I use that answers to tune more into the vibration of Love and Light. This book reaffirms many spiritual teachings and makes a point on why authenticity matters above all.

Overall this is a very powerful book and it may not be for everyone. If you are really into knowing who you are and open to the various schools of thought then this book is worth a shot.

Happy Reading!

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