The Psychology of Money-Morgan Housel

We live in a time where fame and money are valued and chased after by many. Even our mind is conditioned in a way that being famous or having lots of money is the epitome of a fulfilling life or at least it ticks major boxes. People are struggling to keep up with others by buying more and more things. When we look around and check how many of these objects that we buy with the money we don’t have, are needed in our day-to-day life, it may shock us. It definitely shocked me. Money has an important role as a medium of transaction yet the boundaries often encroach into different levels of life.
The psychology of money could win over people by the perfect combination of stories to establish the volatility of life and also the truth that few simple investments did consistently is sufficient. This book will guide you to be more kind and compassionate to yourself when it comes to money. The author reinforces the importance of good sleep over a high-return investment plan. It may sound funny, but often our relationship with money may be coming from a lack – consciousness and thus the hunger for more and more to fill a hole that cannot be filled with more wealth. This book has perfectly compiled with stories of different investors whom society considers to be successful. The stories converge to the simple investment strategies, ie to save more, be patient, and be optimistic about the market trends and returns over time. That’s it. The author’s way of looking at the past and the ability to break down the history of money gives us lots of insights into money.
It is easy to think of earning more and more returns when it comes to money, that’s why you need to know how much is enough or when it is enough. This word was ringing in my mind again and again “enough”.I was frantically looking for the best and diverse investment options, although I am not interested in following up on the market trends, the need to ensure that I am getting the best possible return was definitely there. After reading this book, I have thought over the choices I have made in terms of my investment plan to who I am actually or what values I stand for, and will these investment plans allow me to embody more of that higher self of mine. The author’s perspective and depth of the teachings are sharp. Often the finance books are packed with strategies to optimize your money game, but this book helps you to detach and see money with a different eye. The psychology of money analyses the relationship between money and human behavior and this will help you to put money in its place in our day-to-day life.

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