The Universe has your back-Gabrielle Bernstein

Has it ever occurred to you that life is speaking to you through signs and strange synchronicities? People and circumstances have come together in the perfect way for you to take a step forward in life when you were on your knees.
If it is a yes, then you are going to love this book. I have read this book many times, as someone who is taking baby steps in spirituality, this book has helped me to articulate my thoughts in a better way and to show up in a better way. The author’s experiences and her spiritual journey are so relatable that I was able to apply the teachings in my life. For the lightworkers who are awakening now, this book can help to develop trust in the journey. Spirituality is a rocky path, trust and faith are the core traits you need as you go deeper . Gabby as a new generation spiritual teacher has presented lots of ideas in this book to develop that necessary trust. There are no hard-core spiritual practices to follow here but small changes in our perspective to have a joyful life.

Photo by Marek Okon on Unsplash

This book was my miracle, I have never heard of the author or her works. This book popped out of nowhere and helped me to connect with the universe itself once again. The author is a teacher of the metaphysical book The Course in Miracles, so you can find the reference everywhere. What I enjoyed about Gabby’s teaching is, she is so open to any ideas that will bring her close to the essence of the universe. It is not restricted to The Course in Miracles alone. That open view towards spirituality itself is inspiring new-age spiritual seekers to find their path on their accord.
We have in our minds the expectation of how things should work out in a specific way for us to be happy and that attitude brings more stress than peace. Life flows smoothly when we strike the balance by enjoying the twists and turns and bowing our head to new challenges seeing them as opportunities in disguise. By taking a step back and allowing the universe to lead the way, we can learn the art of co-creating with the universe. This book teaches that the universe has amazing plans for us. We just have to be humble and open to see them.

You are never alone. The universe has your back. Trust and open yourself to the world of miracles.

One thought on “The Universe has your back-Gabrielle Bernstein

  1. Every time I talk about this I’m worried that I might sound woo-woo, but I totally agree with you that the universe does send you signals on whether or not you’re on track—on the path to your ultimate purpose in life. Great post here. Thanks for sharing!

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