Self-Worth: Your key to a better life

Like an acorn or a seed has the potential to grow and blossom, we all are potentials masked in this human suit. Materializing these potentials in socially acceptable ways of success is not the only one possibility of feeling worthy. If we are building our sense of worth solely based on external acceptance, it may lead to a rat race and total burnout.

If you search for the meaning of self-worth on google, you may get something like-Self-worth is the internal sense of being good enough and worthy of love and belonging from others.

I want you to take a single day and scan through the emotions that you have experienced about yourself. Really take your time to get this right. Because these feelings have accumulated over time and was a major driving force in creating the life that you are in right now. If your feelings about yourself is more or less on the positive side of spectrum, then yay ! , you have the most powerful person in your life on your side.

Our sense of self-worth is one of the main factor that shapes our life. A healthy sense of self worth can protect us and lead us to abundance .A lack of the same may lead us to be ok with any contrast that we experience in our way forward.

“Whatever you hold in your mind on a consistent basis is exactly what you will experience in your life.” ―Tony Robbins

As someone who had paid a huge cost due to the lack of sense of self itself,now I know clearly how deeply this single factor can change the track of your life in the best possible ways.

Self-Worth is not born from external factors but from within, maybe rather than going for proof in the external world to admit that you are worthy, what if we try once in the other way around.?

Even though you are offering the best of you to another person, they may or may not see the value in that. When you serve food to a group of people, some may appreciate and enjoy it, some may not even bother to taste. There are many possibilities. So it is rather foolish and pointless to measure our worth based on external validation. It always changes. But if you hold yourself worthy, then life will be a lot easier and you will be able to attract more proof for in physical reality that affirms this belief.

Photo by Jon Meza on Unsplash

The world is a reflection of your inner world. Keep your inner world pristine and clear. And that begins with knowing that you are worthy of all the good things life has to offer ,just because you are alive and breathing. This is hard work, with all the negativities that are being fed to us from all sides. Yet not impossible.

Just because you don’t enjoy a beautifully blossomed rose flower doesn’t mean that rose flower is not worthy. The rose flower’s worth wasn’t something handed over by the external world or circumstances but something that was part of it. Always.

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