The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

We are all artists here on earth.No matter what you are doing, the simple fact that you have the potential to create something of value makes you an artist. The war of art is for all the artists out there, or for anyone who intends to bring out something magical from the depth of their being. This book is full of ideas to navigate us from our hard-wired tendency to stay in the comfort zone to the unknown. The war is between you and the universal resistance to roll up sleeves and put in the efforts. If you have studied biographies of anyone who has carved out something of their own in this world, you will hear about the daily war they had fought to overcome the resistance.

All the excuses that we have for not doing what our hearts call us to do falls into the broad category of resistance. As someone who longs to create and provide value, the way the author has broken down various faces of resistance that we experience in any venture has helped me.

The one thing that I resonated with the most is the section about “Angels and the abstract”. The author reinforces the importance of showing up for your craft or enterprise no matter what and putting in the effort. It doesn’t matter if you manage to make the perfect piece of art or not. The mere fact that you showed up against resistance and put in your best efforts is significant. According to the author, although resistance works against creating something magnificent, when you show up day after day and put in the effort, there are other forces (he calls forces from heaven) that put this energy into motion to make the creation possible and add more to it. It may be through serendipitous circumstances or maybe through new ideas. One thing is sure, as you show up every day these forces join and takes you to move forward. We can feel this presence in the works that we call the masterpieces, the presence of something beyond the human world.

This book will be a great companion if you want to bring forth your ideas to fruition. Although the book is around the struggles of a writer, those are universal and can be applied in any creative venture. We all are re-living the challenges in one way or another faced by many others. So look around and seek the solutions. It is already there, maybe waiting for you to discover. This book is the best example of that, my quest for understanding and overcoming resistance.

Thank you, Steve :D.

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