You matter.

An existential crisis is something we all have touched upon in this short life span. Our desire to conform to social expectations and the need to be valued and accepted in society runs deep in our genes.
Most of us overlook the simple changes we get to make in the lives of those around us. In life, the most important things are too simple that our mind doesn’t see them.

A stranger changed my perceptions of life and opened up new thought channels. I am not sure how much they know about, though I have expressed in the best possible ways. It was like one of those moments described in Paulo Coelho’s novels, something short and sweet as if it is a touch of the divine.

Photo by Danny Lines on Unsplash

The story goes like this I was set up for a blind date with this man. With some people, you hit it off from the first moment itself right. Everything went smoothly. But soon we got to know that our expectation from life is completely different which lead to the decision this is the first and last date. That person was going through a tough time in his life, he didn’t try to portray anything different of his situation also. The genuine heart-to-heart talk I had with this man was so much intense and loving than many other conversations I had in my life. There was nothing extraordinary about the conversation yet it felt so. This experience opened me up to the different possibilities of genuine gestures from a person. Maybe that person was too tired to show up more acceptably, but it allowed me to be more at ease with my existence and reminded the undeniable fact that our most authentic form of existence creates a miracle in someone else life.
At the end of the day isn’t this what we all need. To be accepted and loved ourselves with all perfection and flaws.
Open up to life. Find miracles in the most mundane things.

So no matter at what point you are in life, know that you matter..<3

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