Awakening the Inner Goddess.

“I have called on the Goddess and found her within myself”
― Marion Zimmer Bradley, The Mists of Avalon

It is time for women to step into their power. Balance is the core nature of the universe. Many of us are far away from the center of our being, tangled up in different stories. I want to bring this concept to all the women out there who are struggling to conform to the beauty standards, who are in chasing mode, who are waiting for approval or validation from outside.

If you have dove deeper into the realm of personal improvement the chances are high that you realize the walls between personal improvement and spirituality are merging at some point. The use of an alternate ego to give you a boost in low moments is a widely used personal development technique. For example when a challenging situation comes a person shift focus and chooses to embody the qualities of Superman. This enables him to automatically shift the emotional standpoint , posture etc. They feel more in control and confident to face the situation. You might have heard of Beyoncé’s alternate ego Sasha fierce which she uses for stage.

Awakening the inner goddess and embodying her qualities is a door to abundance. You are reaffirming the fact that you are the lead character in your story. Awakening of the Goddess archetype in the psyche, for me, has brought more fragrance to my existence and a knowing that I am one with my soul and my legacy is of love. For awakening your divine self, you need to rise to a higher level of consciousness.

The four aspects discussed below lay the groundwork for her arrival. Add more to the blend based on your unique requirements. Let’s welcome the Goddess within you.

1.Releasing Limiting beliefs.

“We elicit from the world what we project into the world, but what you project is based upon what happened to you as a child.”

― Bruce D. Perry, What Happened to You?: Conversations on Trauma, Resilience, and Healing

This is where it all begins. The small beliefs that we have picked up on the journey run the show. We have to take time and sit with our stories. What are your beliefs about money, relationships? 

Bring clarity by asking questions. Maybe you have a belief like money is hard to earn or you are not good enough or suffering and sadness is the nature of existence. The list can go on.

Take time to find out these unconscious patterns. It is easy for us to judge someone, when it comes to finding our finely woven patterns it takes a lot of time and contemplation. The easiest way is to look at the areas of your life where you struggle the most.

A goddess knows who she is. She enjoys life to the fullest and her soothing energy can bring others also to alignment.

2.Authenticity and integrity.

Integrity brings forth individuation. The full expression of you with flaws and perfections. When our boundaries are weak then we are going far from our authentic self. Deep knowledge of self is required to have healthy boundaries, courage is required to protect them. Make sure your actions align with your values and principles. A goddess knows her boundaries. It is carefully designed by her values and principles not dictated by the cultural values. We have all been there when our boundaries were attacked and our psyche was wounded. Get up. Shake it off and integrate the lesson from your story into your being. This way you can call her… goddess within you.

3.Self Love.

Step into the fire of self-discovery. This fire will not burn you, it will only burn what you are not.” – Mooji

As you love and nourish yourself the quality of love radiate from your being changes in its quality from scarcity to abundance. You are the universe itself. All that we experience is nothing but proof of self-love. The universe is experiencing itself through different manifestations. Love and nourish yourself. Let the divine shine through you.


Nature is home to your inner goddess. She appears slowly when you are out in nature. Take time to ground in nature connect with Mother Gaia. Nature has incredible healing power and it is available to us.

Creativity is the souls’ language. Take out time to create poetry, for painting, knitting, singing, dancing. All these allow the divine goddess within you to shine more brightly.

Calling the goddess archetype within you will help the collective conscious in many ways. This will bring forth healing and empowerment. As every woman rises to her power in a way unique to her existence world will become a better place. This healing energy will be beneficial to the disempowered masculine.

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