Mastery: The Keys to Success and Long-Term Fulfillment- George Leonard.

A book that teaches us one of the core principles of eastern philosophy. Practice for practice’s sake.

Do the work with whole heart without any expectation of reward. This concept is far away from the mainstream. Most may consider this absurd. This is one of the core teachings in the Bhagavad Gita also. As we detach ourselves from the results and focus on the action then we are aligned with life. Present with life. I can’t think of a better way to live this life. If everyone raises to this level how beautiful this world will be. Unfortunately, we are still searching in the dark carrying the light within. We are always in rush for the future. Always eying something over there. This book encourages us to love the plateau. Plateau is long stretch of diligent effort without no seeming progress. Eventually, life is nothing but a long plateau and short spurts of climactic moments.

This book has helped me to relax in my journey. Learning to love the plateau will bring us to the present moment and also put the best efforts into that. This book also helps to increase awareness of our learning patterns. A master’s journey is one of self-discovery. It is the most valuable gift we can give ourselves and to the world.

The author encourages us to embark on the journey to mastery by starting with something simple like learning to play guitar or becoming a better housewife or a better cook. Commit to it. As you pass through the ups and downs of this journey to mastery, slowly it will start seeping into other facets of your life, you will start to put conscious and diligent effort into everything.

This sweet little book doesn’t offer any magic bullet to success or mastery. Yet makes clear about the most roadblocks towards mastery. Read it again and again till this penetrates your very being. I am infinitely thankful for this book!

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