The Surrender Experiment- Michael A Singer.

Surrendering to life is still a strange concept to most of us. Is it possible to surrender to life events totally and make the best of them?
Michael A Singers’ transformation from a hippie yogi living near the woods to CEO of a multimillion-dollar company managing thousands of employees is saying that it is.

His surrender experiment began with awakening at the age of 22. This had led to exploring more in-depth about the self. His willingness to surrender to all the life events is a reflection of the deeper understanding of the mind and the self. This understanding usually comes with years of practice and we develop a sensitivity that allows us to distinguish.

For a person whose primary intention was to explore consciousness through the practices of yoga and meditation, surrendering to the changes where he was guided to many contrasting situations could be challenging. We find him reminding himself of the magnificence of the life force and the limiting nature of the mind.

This autobiographical memoir helps us to develop an understanding of the egoic aspect of our mind. This distinction always tends to slip away as life unfolds, we need to be aware and alert constantly. To understand the concept of surrender, the best playground is our life.

Final Thoughts.

Overall this book can be a guide for advanced spiritual pursuits. Surrender, which is the one concept discussed in detail here, is one of the core attributes to be developed if you are in the path of spirituality and personal development. Again everyone is at a different point in their journey, so some of the concepts in this book may not relatable for everyone.

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