One habit to master.

The other day I was getting a full body massage. I could feel the masseuse drifting of or focusing. The experience became more nourishing and satisfying as she put her focus and love into it.

Our awareness is the most precious thing. Every day I am more and more convinced by this. In our careers, our relationships, and even in our existence, awareness is the magic potion that adds beauty to everything. An action done full of awareness and love can be such a sweet thing to be shared with the world.

Have you ever felt the food made at home or street-side shops have some element to it that makes it more fulfilling? I think it is love. We, humans, are sensitive in a weird way. We can sense people’s emotions. Maybe the actions that are born from love also radiate something that we pick up subconsciously.

Photo by Lan Pham on Unsplash

If there is one small shift you are ready to make towards a better version of yourself, may that be bringing awareness and love to your food.

We are what we eat. We have heard it thousand times. We know that food is directly impacting our bodies and also our minds. Even if the meal that you are eating is not super healthy, give thanks to whoever has worked to bring it to you. Thank the ultimate. Set an intention that food may enrich your body mind and spirit. Relish each bite. Put your awareness to it. This small change in habit is of huge potential if you persist. It is like you are changing eating to a meditation.

May the food you eat be a door to a world of love and awareness.

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