A story to restore your trust in life.

Stories are powerful tools, you will never know when you will be touched by one and get transformed. This is a story that changed my way of looking at life… a story that helped me in surrendering to the ways of life.

It is shared by Robert Green the Author of Art of Seduction in a TED Talk.

Photo by Sixteen Miles Out on Unsplash

The story goes like this.

Robert Green, ,earlier in his life itself had known that he wanted to be a writer. This led him to take up a job as a journalist. In his very first job itself, he was rejected saying his writing is too messy and not up to the mark.

As he leaves this job and began his “search” , he took up all the possible jobs you can imagine. From a tourist guide to a detective. He traveled to many places. Tried to write many novels stories and plays ,nothing worked out. He pursued his interest in History and writing even though nothing fruitful happened. By the age of 36, he had done 50 different jobs and traveled in many places and seemed perfectly “lost”.

One day while he was in Italy he was having a conversation with this book publisher. The question that “Do you have any idea for a book?” triggered something in Robert and out of nowhere he was able to come up with an idea and it leads to the creation of 48 Laws of power. Although it may seem like a spark of luck, all the inner transformations happened as he was searching has lead to this point.

All his seemingly random jobs and experience have created the perfect blend of knowledge for him to write this book and many books after that. His weird intuitive choices helped him in the end to his hearts truest desire, to be a writer.

You can watch the full video here: https://youtu.be/gLt_yDvdeLQ

Take away from the story.

I often remind myself of this story. To pursue my deepest interests and to trust in life. This might be a coping mechanism with a positive inclination. Now when I look back each of the seemingly “lost” periods was perfect for my growth.

This is to remind you where ever you are now it is ok. Keep moving forward. Take time to find out what is that you truly want. Have a vision. Move forward with patience.

Life has its ways. We can act as if we are the victims of it or choose an empowering philosophy that everything that happens to me is for my highest good.

These two standpoints are of very different energies. Powerlessness and being a victim of life is a self-fulfilling prophecy you will always have more proofs to support the fact that you are a victim. Our subconscious and conscious actions will be arising from this victim mentality, whereas when you take up the philosophy that everything is happening for your highest good, it’s a game-changer. Now you have more trust in life. Wherever you are in life your actions will come from a place of clarity and trust. If you are going through a devasting period, it can be difficult to pick this philosophy but still, you can attempt to start with what are the positive aspects currently you have in your life.

Human desires keep evolving as you touch one goal then the next one arises and the next one..it goes on. As you chase these dreams don’t forget to live.Because all there is NOW.

Whatever be your dreams pour your energy and focus into what is in front of you. That is the way forward.

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