Know Thyself :Three practices to begin the inner journey.

Know Thyself is one of the three maxims that is found in the Ancient Greek temple of Apollo at Delphi. Later many philosophers had expanded on these maxims. If you are someone like me who believes there is more to life than what we perceive or if you are someone who works only on logic then also Knowing yourself is a stepping stone to a richer life.

When I felt low, to reboot myself I have always relied upon many ways that mainstream society found entertaining and energizing. Going out with a group of people and eating tasty food , watching a movie ,shopping etc. When I was doing or acting out as though I was relaxing I never truly was. Most of the time after the above-mentioned activities I used to feel drained. The fact that I wasn’t sensitive to my thoughts or emotions to know the difference. I was just following along as if in sleep.
Only recently, after making a lot of changes that are aligned to my essence I found out what activities make me feel alive. Learning something or spending time in nature or spending time with a friend who resonates with me or some good music or reading a good book etc. These are all my current preferences. Learn the art of listening to your own emotions. Name those feelings that you experience in your body. Tap into more of what feels good for you. That is what emotions are for, a inbuilt GPS for us to move in the direction of happiness ,love and abundance.

These are the three practices helped me in separating from the shadow of all that I thought I am. Remember this is just a beginning to the endless journey.

1.Calming down the mind

The mind is an important aspect for us to co-create a life there is no doubt in that. But when we cross the line and start to identify with the mind it can create a disturbance.

Learn methods to calm your mind. Any activities that demand your complete attention or any activities that can help you to be in flow or to be in the zone. Personally, I don’t consider movies in this list as they are emotionally demanding. Our mental state can alter based on the movie story. Sleeping, Meditation exercise, fishing etc. are some of the activities to slow down the mind. Put some effort and find what works for you.

Photo by Jared Rice on Unsplash

This can increase our mindfulness. Brings us to now rather than being scattered in future or past.

Being present with yourself is the most obvious way to know you.

2.Understand your current emotional stand point.

Below given is the conciousness chart given by Dr.David R Hawkins, our level of consciousness is directly linked to quality of our thoughts and thus to our life.Imagine you have all the money and fortune in the world but your conciousness is predominant in fear ,it will be a hell of a life.Choose your thoughts wisely.

A self-check up to see where you lie in the below given scale opens up to an oppertunity to improve.

Scale of consciousness given by Dr.David R Hawkins


3.Ask questions that can shake your current mental construct.

Ask questions and write down your answers will bring more clarity. One more aspect is after some months you can review how much your thought pattern has changed from these writings.

Use below questions to get the momentum . This simple practice can give lot of insight about yourself.

Is this how I want to feel through out this life?

What do I long for?

Where am I with respect to where I want to be?

How much of what do I want is influnced by my parents and society?

If there is no restriction for me to be, how I would be living?

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