Unravelling “you”

Our perceptions are the key factor in shaping our reality. We are fed from childhood itself, stories about success or What is good, bad, etc. These stories either turn into walls that we create around our psyche which blocks our view or help us in expanding into full potential.

“Odd as it may seem, I am my remembering self, and the experiencing self, who does my living, is like a stranger to me.”

― Daniel Kahneman, Thinking, Fast and Slow

Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

How can we tap into our “True self” from what we are wired in deeply? Well, that journey is vast and broad but one that we all should take to bring meaning and clarity to our existence.

These are the three key practices that will help you to start the journey of knowing yourself better.


Slow down yourself and just “be”.There are tons of resources out there on meditation, find one that suits you and start.

I have added my experience on meditation, here is the link:https://thoughtsoffreedom.com/2020/09/07/what-one-year-of-meditation-taught-me/


Journaling helps in multiple ways. The missing link is the questioning part of journaling. Ask questions to yourself that brings light to the dormant or unexplored part of “you”. Write down your answers. Re-read it to know is there something more to it.

For starters you can ask “what do I want from life?” or “How do I want to feel every day?” Or What do I long for ? etc.

These simple questions hold the key to yourself and maybe to the future that you want to create.

3.Observing emotions

This practice is the easiest as well as challenging one. Observing emotions. When you feel the frustration or anger arising in you during a conversation, catch that feeling before reacting to it and ask yourself “oh where is this coming from? or why am I angry or frustrated?”.

These observations can help you o see the unhealed wounds or beliefs that you are holding. As you become more aware of emotional triggers, their impact on you reduces. The best part is you become less reactive to the outer environment and becomes more centered.

I hope you may begin your inward journey with lots self-love and compassion and see where it takes you.

Lots of Love.

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