Letting go-A message for 2021.

2020 has been a year of hardship and looming uncertainty. Something like we have never experienced before. It has humbled us in certain ways.

Nature keeps reminding us of the fragility and the uncertainty of life.

We all crave certainty, security but often we forget that nothing in life is certain or permanent. The only thing you have through the ups and downs of life is the mind. Even if you are in hell, you can always be calm and at peace, if you have a mind that is on your side.

Image source :Edrece Stansberry edrecestansberry.com

Our craving for security rather than helping us to be happy makes us more miserable. Our attachment to each and everything, and endless desires are keeping us in a rut. Let it all go. Embrace the uncertainty, release the load of the shoulder. Letting go is not ignorance. It is acknowledging the very nature of life. You cant control everything in life. The mind always tries to control and to enhance the feeling of security.

If you have a situation weighing you down, how does it feel?
Is it despair? sadness? guilt? shame or fear?
Understand the underlying feeling. Let it be there for a while. Know that it is ok to feel those emotions. But not okay to let those emotions to drain you physically and mentally.

Let it all go and do what needs to be done now..at this very moment.

In 2021 , let go of expectations and see everything as it is and lets enjoy the journey.

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