Negative Thoughts :Three highly effective ways to be more resilient

When it comes to negative thinking our imagination takes a new height. When we face some adversities it is so easy to slip off to the world of negative thoughts and fears. When things aren’t working we imagine it will last forever, when everything is working well we think that it will not last..Isn’t it silly?

We got to take charge of our thoughts for a happier life.

How to keep these negative thoughts and fear in check?

The thing that creates fear in you is just a thought. Thoughts are not negative or positive, we give them negative and positive connotations. The best solution is to observe the thoughts and understand that at this moment when you are having that thought you are ok. This understanding will help to prevent you from identifying as the fear itself. The key is to understand that you have the power to direct the mind to a better state of mind from there to a better future.

1.Confronting the worst: Understand what is that thought bothering you. It will be a future scenario so see what you will do if you have given no choice but to face it?

Imagine the worst case and make peace with it. Now that you are aware of both aspects and made peace with the worst one, bring your energy to thoughts that are empowering and help you make use of the available time for a better outcome.

2.Trick your brain: When negative thoughts creep in, our body responds to that. The responses are similar to that of excitement. So you can trick your brain by saying that you are just excited about the outcome and how good it is going to be (You can think of the best possible way this event can turn out and tell yourself that you are excited about that). I found this gold technique from Mel Robbins, author of The 5 Second Rule.

3.Negative thoughts are our mind’s fantasy stories. We all daydream of a bright and beautiful future. Negative thoughts are also part of the same fantasy world. So whenever mind takes you to these fantasy lands, choose the one which you feel good about!

Have you seen how fast our windows get dusty? If we need to maintain a clean window, we need to clean it regularly.
Our mind is just the same. The greatest gift one can possess is a calm mind no matter what happens. It is possible only through being an active player in guiding your thoughts that serves you. And it is possible now at this moment. Take charge of your thoughts and keep moving forward.

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