The Secrets of the Secrets: The Secret of the Golden Flower by Osho

As there are a lot of Sannyasins in India and many are fake, I am always skeptical about the spiritual Teachers

Osho was no exception.But this one book Changed it all.

Osho. What a human being. His voice itself generates a sense of peace and serenity in you. This book includes his Talks on Taoist Teachings. This book is full of vast spiritual knowledge and for me, it felt like a heavy downpour of all that I have been seeking. A great teacher is someone who helps the students to find their truth. He simply guides. Through this book, Osho encourages us to be a golden flower or allow the blooming of the Golden Flower within us. His efforts are for the expansion of Consciousness. I was struck with the fact that If his books can offer you this much, what would be like to be with him, to feel his energy. I have heard, a single person who is aligned with himself can change millions who are not.

Osho encourages us to awaken from the sleep we are in and to free ourselves from the baggage of our learnings and belief systems. In a world where everyone is told what to do what not to do, Osho encourages us to embrace our wild nature and find our way.

Whoever you are, whatever be your belief system, I encourage you to take a look at the Osho Teachings!
Happy Reading.

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