The Art of being you.

Be yourself.

I know it may sound cliche to you.

The best relationship advice,the best career advice and the best life advice are one, which is Be yourself.

The fact is that we are all trying to chase many things without knowing the treasure that we carry within ourselves.

There is a story which Napoleon Hill mention in his book Think and Grow Rich.The Story of a man who is going in search of a diamonds.At the end he comes to know that his own land had the richest diamond reserve.We are all like him in search of the diamonds,without knowing the treasure inside us.

When you start appreciating for who you are, when you are at peace with with the abilities and inabilities of you,life takes a new turn.For me it was the point when several other doors of possibilities has opened.

It is simple.But not easy.Because you dont know yourself.You don’t know how you react or feel in every moment.You don’t know the things which makes you genuinely feel good.

We are under many types of conditioning from the Society Media etc.From all this we need to carefully and gently identify our own voice,our own essence.

From that point of satisfaction and mental harmony may all your decision be born.It will be the beginning of a glorious journey.Beginning of a joyous life rooted in freedom.

As good diet is important for a healthy body,good thoughts are for your mind.Read good quality books and surround yourself with people who align with your core values.

Take your time to introspect life.In a non Judgmental way.

Self-Discipline is the key to mastery.

May you have the courage and wisdom to embrace who you are and commit towards the best version of you.



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