Making best of Quarantine days.

We all are at different turning points in our life, now stuck in a room or at home without knowing when or what will happen. It is like the movie playing suddenly paused. You are forced to change channel. Me, though I am blessed to be in a decent home with a roommate, with enough food to eat, things aren’t easy. I am in a process of reinventing the “Me”, one of the the ending rituals of a decade long relationship.  Now I am realising that being stuck become a blessing in disguise in this situation.

It’s been almost 3 weeks now, but the changes I have made in myself  have started showing huge difference. I am at peace, I started seeing colours of real happiness also

When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselvesViktor Frankl

Is it possible to make most of this situation, we all want make most out of
every situation than just letting days pass by, that dreading fear in the pit
of our stomach that you may fall behind your dreams? Can we just let things
take its course and allow yourself to relax into this situation…?

No, I am not talking you out of doing your work or taking that course which, you always wanted to take.

Just that this is a wonderful opportunity that has presented, itself to us for us to slow down, look at the small details. To introspect our our patterns and habits, to refine our personal philosophy.

Are you happy with your life? Are you feeling the ease and love in the environment surrounding you?

Seeing light in every situation is not easy, but it is not impossible. You can do it. You can train your brain. Slowly allowing yourself to relish the positive aspects in every situation. I am sure you would have come across the benefits of keeping a Gratitude journal and importance of self care.Those are really worth giving a shot.

Start with simple habits which can be incorporated into your current lifestyle without much of disturbance to your equilibrium.This will help you to stick with the habit and make it a part of your normal routine.Slowly but surely these changes will start reflecting in your personality and in your life.

Bringing our focus to small things in our life can help us to be more mindful about the things happening around us.Hence to prioritize things that matter to us!

So make this Quarantine days be the vacation you always wanted to take.

Be yourself.Listen to your inner voices.Meditation is a great way to connect with yourself.Take care of your body.It is as pure as a worshiping place is.The power within you is manifesting itself through your physical self.Nourish it with good food and beverages 🙂

Talk to your Spouse/Kids/or parents.

Know the things you can control and learn to let go of others.Example this Pandemic itself.Rather than worrying over the things you cant control,see in what way you can be of help.

PS:If you are a health Care worker reading this post (Trust me,I am so proud of you),I know it can be one of the most most difficult times of all,as your physical and mental boundaries are tested.Seeing light in this situation,looking at the positives can help you work with a light heart.Know that you are chosen to be part of this.Make sure you take care of yourself in the possible ways.That will help you to be at your best in these situations,hence others also.It is a great opportunity to serve people in difficult time like this.


Let’s make this quarantine days be  a way opened for us to connect with ourselves.

Thank you!

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